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Zulu is a classic historical war film, released in 1964 and directed by Cy Endfield, who wrote the screenplay along with John Prebble. It tells the story of the Battle Rorke’s Drift during the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War in Africa. As the film opens, it is revealed that a strong British force was crushed at Isandlwana, a serious defeat for the British. The news is received at a small missionary station and field hospital known as Rorke’s Drift with a chilling fact: the 4,000 strong Zulu force is advancing this way.

The senior officer at the post is Lieutenant John Chard, a Royal Engineer, which upsets Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead (played by Michael Caine in his first major role) who is an Infantry officer. They realize that there is no hope of escaping the oncoming Zulus as the majority of their men are wounded or ill. Thus they have no choice but to fortify their position as best they can and hold out as long as possible.

In the distance, they can hear the ominous sounds of marching feet and spears clattering against shields; the Zulus are coming and there will be no mercy. Witt, a Swedish missionary. begins predicting the soldiers will all be killed, demoralizing them considerably. A native cavalry unit arrives, warning CHard and Bromhead that holding their position is futile. Despite Chard’s pleas the cavalry depart, and Witt and his daughter go with them.

THe battle begins and the soldiers do their best, holding out through the night despite the field hospital being set on fire and brutal room-to-room fighting taking place. The next morning, the Zulus form up and begin an intimidating war chant. The British soldiers respond, singing “Men of Harlech,” a regimental march (which is an anachronism as the 24th Regiment did not become “Welsh” until some years after the battle. THe final assault begins with the Zulus rushing the defenses, driving back the British into a final redoubt. With a secret reserve force, the British drive off the Zulus with disciplined volleys of rifle fire. Later, the Zulus reappear, causing the tired British to man their barricades once again. The Zulus however have only come to sing a song honoring the bravery of the defenders.

The film gained considerable appreciation from both critics and cinema goers, and remains a hallmark of British war films to this day. It also launched Michael Caine’s career as a leading actor, which continues to the present day.


About The Zulu Movie Theme Song

The music from Zulu was composed by John Barry. Whilst the soundtrack itself is impressive, the real star is the film’s version of the Welsh military song, “Men of Harlech.” Whilst it’s use in the film is something of an anachronism, as the 24th Regiment hadn’t been a Welsh regiment at the time. It’s use is also fictitious, there was no dawn battle and a singing contest. Despite this historical issues, it remains a deeply powerful moment. The film version uses lyrics specially written, to better reflect the situation, however the version we have featured today is the original version, and it remains a stirringly beautiful song.

Artist/Group: John Barry
Track: Men Of Harlech


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