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Sex and the City


Sex and the City is an American TV series that spanned over a total of six seasons and have currently released two feature length films and both the TV series and the movies have had great success.  Sex and the City is narrated by the character of Carrie Bradshaw who is the main character and actress and is played by the wonderful Sarah Jessica Parker.  The reason for the title for the show and why Carrie narrates is because it is her actual train of thought whilst writing her newspaper column ‘Sex and the City.  Carrie has three best friends who are Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes.  These three women are played by three fantastic actresses who are Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.


About The Sex and the City Movie Theme Song

As well as Sex and the City being an incredibly successful TV series that as mentioned spanned over six seasons it also had a opening theme song that become extremely recognisable to the millions of fans of this TV show.  This TV theme song is quite simply entitled ‘Sex and the City Theme’ and is composed by Douglas J. Cuomo and Tom Findlay.  As always on this site we will have two videos for you, one will be highlighting this section and showing you the opening TV theme song as well as another giving you a trailer of the series.  We also have a selection of ten high resolution, HD desktop background wallpapers for you yo download.

Artist/Group: Douglas J. Cuomo & Tom Findlay
Track: Sex And The City Theme


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