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X-Men First Class


X-Men First Class was directed by legendary director Matthew Vaughn and released June 2011. The film takes place in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis and before the X-Men were brought together. The film follows a young professor Xavier(James McAvoy) graduating university with his paper on mutation and is recruited by the CIA to stop another evil mutant Sebastian Shaw(Kevin Bacon). Xavier and the CIA find Shaw and decide to go after him, upon arrival at the docks where Shaw was sighted the team find find Erik Lehnsherr ( Michael Fassbender) in the water and Xavier jumps in and saves him from drowning. Xavier and Erik team up to gather other mutants but can they stop Shaw?


About The X-Men First Class Movie Theme Song

First Class is the theme song to X-Men First class and is composed by Henry Jackman. Released in July of 2011 by Sony Masterworks.

Artist/Group: Henry Jackman
Track: First Class


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