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Transformers is a 2007 sci-fi/action film based on the Transformers toys and cartoons developed by Hasbro in the 80’s. It is directed by Michael BAy (so expect lots of gratuitous special effects). Despite misxed reviews from critics and fans of the original toys (mostly quibbles over re-designs and so forth), the film was a major commercial success and has spawned an entire franchise, with two sequels released and a fourth film coming in 2014.

The film has a fairly enormous cast and a huge, unnecessary number of plot threads running through it, making it painfully difficult to summarize. Specifically, we have the young man Sam Witwicky, who possess his great-great-grandfathers glasses which contain navigational data vital to the Autobots and the Decepticons. We have the US Military’s plot thread, dealing with a response to a Decepticon attack on their forward operations base in Qatar. We have the Autobot thread, who are trying to acquire the data to reveal where the AllSpark is, an ancient and powerful device that turn machines into Transformers, the Autobots wanting to use it to re-build their lost homeworld of Cybertron. We have the Decepticons, who are trying to not only find the AllSpark (for suitably nefarious purposes) but also locate and free their leader Megatron, who crashed to Earth many decades ago and was frozen in the ice (being found by Sam’s ancestor, which is how the glasses contain the nav data). We have a secret government agency trying to cover things up, we have a computer scientists working for the Pentagon going rogue to decrypt a Decepticon signal, we have Sam trying to impress a girl,, Mikaela and we have a plot detailing Sam’s dealings with his parents and the police over his new car, which is naturally also an Autobot, Bumblebee.

Eventually all those plots combine for a climactic battle in Mission City. There are endless explosions, a great many cars are wrecked, several planes crash, a couple of buildings fall and so on. Megatron and Optimus Prime, the Autobot leader, have their inevitable showdown with Sam (for some reason) intervening to defeat Megatron.

As ntoed above, the film received mixed reviews (the most common problem we’ve heard is that the plot is far too crowded) but was a commercial smash-hit, earning more than enough to justify sequels. It also helped to exemplify the big sci-fi summer blockbuster, which is not something most science fiction fans are pleased about.


About The Transformers Movie Theme Song

THe score for Transformers was created by Steve Jablonsky, with assistance from Hans Zimmer. It features some contemporary songs (notably playing Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done” over the end credits, for some reason). However, what we have featured today is the “Arrival To EArth” theme, a triumphant strings and choral piece as the Autobots (aside from Bumblebee who is already there) enter Earth’s atmosphere, landing in suitably spectacular fashion (I doubt it was necessary to partially wreck a baseball stadium, but I’m not Michael Bay) and assuming their alternate vehicles forms. The piece is absolutely beautiful and is occasionally heard throughout the rest of the film and it’s sequels.

Artist/Group: Steve Jablonsky
Track: Arrival To Earth


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