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Thunderball is the fourth movie in the saga that is James Bond 007 and stars Sean Connery as the leading role. The premise of the movie is that James Bond has a mission to find two NATO atomic bombs which have been stolen by SPECTRE which they will give back for the ransom of £100 million in diamonds, and a promise not to destroy a major city such as England or The United States, later to be revealed as Miami. When agent 007 finds the bombs he is lead to the evil Emilio Largo who is a card playing, eye patch wearing Number Two for SPECTRE. To find out a little more watch the original trailer below in the YouTube.


About The Thunderball Movie Theme Song

In this 007 James Bond movie there is a great movie theme song ¬†that features in it. John Barry the composer for the James Bond movies teamed up with lyricist Don Black and wrote ‘Thunderball’ the theme song for the movie. The song was then sung by Welsh singer legend Tom Jones and was a huge success and it is still very recognizable today. So if you like this song, or would like to hear this song then check out the below YouTube video.

Artist/Group: Tom Jones
Track: Thunderball


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Here's the official Thunderball movie trailer which you can watch for free. To watch the Thunderball trailer just click play below and the movie trailer will start playing.


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