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Thor is a Marvel film directed by Kenneth Branagh, Starring Chris Hemsworth as the mighty god of thunder Thor. In this marvel film the god of thunder Thor is delving in the spoils of the many battles that he has participated in and won, however when there is a breach in the royal armory by some ice giants who were quickly subdued, Thor encourages his father to take the fight to the frost giants, however Odin(Thor’s father) refuses and so Thor takes it upon himself to get revenge on the frost giants in the realm of Jötunheim with his friends. After a long fight the battle looked all but lost for Thor and his friends but Odin turns up to quickly save them and escort them back to Asgard. Upon their arrival in Asgard Odin banishes Thor to earth to learn some humility and strips him of his powers. Will Thor get his powers back?


About The Thor Movie Theme Song

Thor’s theme song is called Chasing the Storm by the talented composer Patrick Doyle and the London Symphony Orchestra played it. The theme song was released in Europe April 2011 but was released in the US in May 2011.

Artist/Group: Patrick Doyle
Track: Chasing The Storm


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