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The Matrix


A young computer hacker, known as Neo, sits at a desk all day doing his work along with some hacking on the sly. In the very beginning Neo is sitting at his desk, seemingly unaware that he was born into the artificial intelligent world of The Matrix. He is rescued from an alien power plant referred to as a pod by Morpheus, who informs Neo about The Matrix. The Matrix is a powerful artificial intelligent world that resembles the real world where humans are expendable after their brains and bodies are no longer functional in producing electricity.

They are harvested by the aliens where they are kept in pods. Morpheus is convinced that Neo is the one who can beat The Matrix and set the people free in their minds and their physical being. Morpheus takes Neo on numerous adventures throughout the virtual city that train him and give him the courage and belief that he can beat The Matrix. On their journey, Morpheus brings Neo together with a girl named Trinity. She is another hacker who has escaped demise by The Matrix and is enlisted to assist in training Neo for his battle against The Matrix and Agent Smith. Smith is an artificially intelligent being that guards The Matrix against humans. Trinity takes Neo to see the mysterious Oracle, who appears as cigarette smoking old lady. However, she is really a computer program that guides the humans in defeating The Matrix. Trinity falls in love with Neo and keeps it to herself for as long as she can. Eventually, Agent Smith kills Neo in The Matrix. Over Neo’s dead body, Trinity confesses her true feelings and the Oracle’s prediction that she would fall in love with the One. The movie ends when Tinity kisses Neo and it brings him back to life.


About The The Matrix Movie Theme Song

As well as The Matrxi being a brilliant film it also has some great movie theme song soundtrack in it and one of these awesome theme songs is ‘Clubbed to Death’ and was a single by Rob Dougan and was released in 1995 and is of the Trip-hop, electronic and classic music genre.  As well as this being a brilliant piece of music it is important to take note that this is instrumental composition and fits perfectly with the genre and feel about The Matrix movie itself and really is a piece you must listen to.

Artist/Group: Rob Dougan
Track: Clubbed To Death


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