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The Empire Strikes Back Theme Song

The Empire Strikes Back


Today we have a follow-up to our earlier Star Wars theme post: since we love the music so much we wanted to share more of it. The Empire Strike Back (or Episode V if you prefer) was the second in the Original Trilogy and follows on from the success of the first film. Despite the Rebel’s triumph in destroying the Death Star over Yavin, the vengeful Imperial forces drove them from their hidden base and have pursued them relentlessly through the galaxy. Now they are hiding on Hoth, a desolate frozen wasteland on the galaxy’s edge. However, the Empire’s reach is limitless and they soon find the Rebels. Darth Vader, intent on finding the Rebel pilot who escaped him at Yavin, leads a brutal assault on the base, driving the Rebels out into the galaxy. Luke must travel to a jungle world, Dagobah, to finish his training in the Force. But Darth Vader is still hunting him and their eventual meeting will be a deeply painful one for Luke Skywalker.


About The The Empire Strikes Back Movie Theme Song

The music we’re featuring from The Empire Strike Back is not the opening music, but rather the infamous Imperial March, otherwise known as Darth Vader’s Theme. This stirring piece opens with a pounding martial rhythm, one that brings to mind marching soldiers. Then comes the bold, crashing brass, with a simple yet powerful melody proclaiming to one and all, “I am Darth Vader, I am the Empire.” The music is sued throughout the Star Wars original trilogy and has been a common feature in video games as well. It even featured in the prequel films, as a musical cue showing Anakin’s descent into the Dark Side.

Artist/Group: John Williams
Track: The Imperial March/darth Vader's Theme


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