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The Dam Busters is a 1955 British film about the legendary Dambusters Raid from World War 2. The film tells the story of Operation Chastise (which is what the Raid was known as to the RAF), from Barnes Wallis’ development of the famous Bouncing Bomb through to the raid itself. The film contains a high degree of technical accuracy, aided by it being made only 12 years after the historical event. This enabled several of the mission pilots to advise on what happened during the mission. Whilst some changes were made for security reasons (the actual design of the bouncing bomb was still classified, so a different design was made that looked plausible enough) whilst a few others were made for dramatic license, such as the entirety of Guy Gibson’s former squadron joining him in 617 Squadron, when in reality only one did. The filming was aided by the use of ten genuine Avro Lancaster bombers that were modified to better resemble those flown by 617 Squadron.

The film is held in universal acclaim, with an exceedingly rare score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, an aggregate review site. Peter Jackson has been working on a modern re-make of the film since 1008, with Sir David Frost purchasing the rights and Stephen Fry writing the script. The film has gone on to have enormous influence in cinema of the late twentieth century, most notably in the climactic battle scene in Star Wars, where Rebel fighters must fly down a trench to evade enemy fire before releasing their weapons at exactly the right moment.


About The The Dam Busters Movie Theme Song

The main theme from the film, known as The Dam Busters March, has become a renowned piece of music in it’s own right, often played by military bands during flypasts or airshows and can frequently be heard during England football matches. The March, by Eric Coates, is a stirring orchestral piece with brilliant trumpets and strings that evoke a sense of flight and action. The March is right up there with The Great Escape Theme as far as memorable British cinema music goes, and remains an incredibly popular piece today. It also happens to be utterly brilliant.

Artist/Group: Eric Coates
Track: The Dam Busters March


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