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Tesco Bank – Current Account Theme Song

Tesco Bank – Current Account


This is Tesco’s latest TV advert but is rather different to that we expect of Tesco adverts. Generally in a TV advert for Tesco we see that prices have been cut down and are staying down and that ‘Every Little Helps’ however this advert is quite different. In this advert for the supermarket store we have them advertising their bank and their new current account. In this advert we see a dog owner taking his dog to be groomed, and as we can see in the advert both the owner and the dog are having a fantastic time. Sequentially then we have another clip of the same owner and dog however the man struggles to bath him on his own as the dog wriggles and shakes away. In the advert Tesco say that you win when you spend and you win when you don’t. This is then followed by an image of the current account debit card with text saying ‘Extra Clubcard points with your debit card’ and ‘3% AER interests in credit balances up to £3,000’


About The Tesco Bank – Current Account Movie Theme Song

In this Tesco advert we have quite an ironic song playing in the background throughout. As mentioned above and seen below in the advert itself this advert focuses on a Dog and with George Thorogood and The Destroyers being the artist it is hard to tell whether Tesco done this deliberately or not. The song by George Thorogood and The Destroyers in this Tesco TV advert is the infamous ‘Bad To The Bone’. As you can now understand is this choice of song a deliberate attempt to connect bone and a dog  together to make us constantly remember this TV advert. 

Artist/Group: George Thorogood And The Destroyers
Track: Bad To The Bone


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