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Shrek is a 2001 animated film that parodies many elements of fairy tales and other children’s stories. It was produced by Dreamworks (and helped to make Dreamworks a recognized competitor to Pixar). THe film stars Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and John Lithgow. Meyers voicing the titular Shrek, an ogre who is quite content living in his swamp minding his own business. But the local ruler, Lord Farquaard, a grumpy dwarf who hates fairytale creatures and orders a purge. Many of them sek refuge in Shrek’s swamp, enraging him enough to go to Duloc to speak with Farquaard to get rid of the other creatures. The creatures cheer Shrek as if he is a great champion of their cause, when he just wants to be left alone.

The purge, however, is a cover for Farquaard to acquire the talking mirror. He asks it to show him the fairest available princesses in the realm, so that he might marry one and thus become King in time. He selects Princess Fiona, who is trapepd in a tower in the midst of a volcano and guarded by a dragon. Being a cowardly midget, Farquaard decides to hold a tournament to decide which Knight will go in his stead. Shrek gatecrashes said tournament, demanding to speak with Farquaard, who quickly changes his plan and tells the assembled Knights that whichever of them kills the ogre will be chosen. SHrek, however, beats them all and as the last man standing is technically the winner. Farquaard makes him a deal: go and rescue Fiona and bring her back and Farquaard will give Shrek his swamp back. Shrek agrees and sets off, helped by Donkey, a talking, well, donkey voiced wonderfully by Eddie Murphy.

The pair succeed in rescuing the Princess, who is appalled at Shrek’s lack of romanticism (not initially realizing he is an ogre, as he is wearing armor). The thre begin the journey back to Duloc, but Fiona insists on making camp for te night. Shrek and Donkey stargaze and tell stories, with Shrek explaining that everyone judges him as an ogre before they know him, so he is better off alone. During the next day, Fiona and Shrek begin to fall in love, before they once again make camp for the night. Donkey hears strange noises from the windmill where Fiona was sleeping. He finds out about her childhood curse, that she turns into an ogre during the hours of darkness. Shrek, about to knock on the door to profess his feelings, overhears Fiona talking about how’s disgusted at the big green creature (meaning herself at night) but Shrek, thinking she means him, storms off to fetch Farquaard, who gives him the deed to his swamp and takes Fiona back to Duloc. Shrek leaves for his swamp.

Donkey comes to him to tell him (sort of) the truth, that Fiona wasn’t talking about him, and she and Farquaard are due to be married and that Shrek can still stop it. They hitch a lift on the Dragon, which has a soft spot for Donkey. They crash the wedding, and Fiona, at sundown, is revealed as an ogre herself. Farquaard tries to object but is eaten by the Dragon. Shrek and Fiona share a tender kiss and her curse is broken; she remains as an ogre and the two are married.

The film was a massive succes, winning the first-ever Oscar for Best Animated Film and gaining critical acclaim from critics and cinema-goers alike. It has been described as a perfect animated film: the plot is simple enough for small children to follow, whilst the subtexts and in-jokes will keep an adult’s interest. It has since spawned three sequels and a spin-off film.



About The Shrek Movie Theme Song

THe score for Shrek was created by Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell. It features a broad collection of “golden oldies” to help keep adults interested, and they fit the piece remarkably well. The song we have featured for you today is the song All-Star by Smash mouth, which plays over the opening credits as a way of introducing the ogre.

Artist/Group: Smash Mouth
Track: All Star


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