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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Theme Song

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


Robin Hood is a 1991 Americna adventure film directed by Kevin Reynolds. It stars Kevin Costner, Morgan Freedom, Christian Slater and Alan Rickman, amongst others. It tells a heavily adapted version of the classic English legend of Robin Hood and his Merry Men and their fight against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham (being the bad guy, he’s played by Alan Rickman).

Costner plays Sir Robin of Locksley, who joined Richard the Lionheart’s Third Crusade. At the film’s opening, he is imprisoned in Jerusalem with his friend Peter. They stage an escape, with Robin saving a Moor, Azeem (played by Morgan Freeman) in the process. Peter is killed, and with his last breath makes Robin promise to take care of Peter’s sister Marian (King Richard’s cousin).

Robin returns to England accompanied by Azeem, who believes he owes Robin a life-debt. With King Richard still away fighting, England is ruled by the Sheriff of Nottingham, with help from his corrupt allies Guy of Gisborne and the Satan-worshiping Bishop of Hereford. When Robin’s father refuses to join them, he is killed and his body left for Robin to find, infuriating him. He and Azeem find a group of outlaws hiding in Sherwood Forest and assumes command of them, training them to defend themselves. They begin robbing convoys that pass through the forest, distributing the wealth to the poor. Enraged by this, the Sheriff makes life even worse for the common people, increasing support for Robin and also driving Marian to sympathize with Robin’s cause.

The Sheriff assaults Robin’s forest refuge, destroying it and capturing Marian, whom he plans to marry and so acquire a claim to the throne. He tells her the captured outlaws will be set free if she accepts., However, he plans to have the outlaws hanged on the day of the wedding. Robin learns of this and infiltrates the castle and frees his men, killing the Sheriff and the corrupt Bishop in the process.

However, the entire film is stolen by the last scene, where Robin and Marian are being married in the forest. King Richard unexpectedly returns, played by Sean Connery, and blesses the marriage. The film has achieved considerably mixed reviews, despite being a box office success. Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman are often praised for their performances despite the overall film being decried.


About The Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Movie Theme Song

The music for Robin Hood was composed by Michael Kamen (of Die Hard fame). The main theme, called the Overture on the soundtrack, is a high-tempo piece, evoking a grand sense of chases through forests and swashbuckling heroes. The strings melody isĀ  bold yet simple, with hints of Tchaikovsky’s 182 Overture, and there is even a hint of church bells as well, symbolizing the love between Robin and Marian.

Artist/Group: Mochael Kamen
Track: Overture/robin Hood Theme


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