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“Regression” by Director Michael Petroni is a suspense-filled thriller American-Spanish film, based in 1990 and starring iconic Emma Watson characterizing a young girl, Angela, next to her fellow star from Harry Potter series, David Thewlis, who plays a prominent psychoanalyst, Dr. Raines. While Raines diagnosis her self-admittedly guilty father, John Gray, for the ghastly crime of sexually abusing her at 17, he discovers Gray has no memory of committing the act. This discovery unfolds gradually as part of a much larger mystery. So where will these Minnesota therapy sessions lead to in this mystery-filled crime saga? Played by Ethan Hawke, Detective Bruce Kenner, finds himself deeply involved in this investigation in getting the answers of truth. The movie “Regression” may have a disturbingly complex plot, but the unfortunate reality of such crime related stories captivates the audience till the end as the detective digs deeper and deeper into each side’s story.


About The Regression Movie Theme Song

“Regression’s” theme song is “That’s Where the Blues Begin,” written by Thomm Jutz and Peter Cronin.

Artist/Group: Thomm Jutz And Peter Cronin
Track: That's Where The Blues Begin


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