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Pokemon is a anime children’s TV series that is actually abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters. Pokemon through its long and still running history has had some success with TV shows, feature length movies, video games and trading cards. This however is about the original English version of Pokemon. The synopsis for the show is that a young ten year old boy named Ash Ketchum wants and dreams of being a Pokemon Master. Unfortunately when the time comes to receive his Pokemon he sleeps late and misses out on the three Pokemon. Eventually however the Pokemon Researcher Professor Oak gives Ash one last Pokemon, this being Pikachu. At first there are trust issues between the two but eventually after befriending to gym owners Misty and Brook, he and Pikachu go on a quest to catch and train all the Pokemon.


About The Pokemon Movie Theme Song

As mentioned Pokemon is a huge global phenomenon and has a mass following, which the opening TV theme song is the United Kingdom may have played a part in. In the United Kingdom the opening TV theme song appears to be called ‘I Wanna Be The Very Best’. As for who wrote and performed the English version we aren’t sure so we will accredit it to Shinji Miyazaki and Hirokazu Tanaka who provide the opening music in the original series.

Artist/Group: Shinji Miyazaki And Hirokazu Tanaka
Track: I Wanna Be The Very Best


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