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Peter Pan


The “Peter Pan” movie is a class tale about a boy who can fly and interacts with children from another world out of his league. His magical demeanor and features entice Wendy and her siblings, two brothers. The first time they meet is accidental as Peter is in search for his shadow, which has apparently become non-existent. Followed frequently by his friend, Tinkerbell, a fairy, the duo and their story becomes exciting to the kids that night, as they are supposed to be in their bedroom, asleep soundly. However, they choose to go on an adventure, traveling to Neverland following Peter and Tink in their journey home. The reality starts to hit as the kids receive Pirate Captain Hook’s threatening personality and remarks.



About The Peter Pan Movie Theme Song

“Peter Pan” has the theme song Toora Loora Lo (Hook’s Harpsichord Song) performed by Jason Isaacs.

Artist/Group: Jason Isaacs
Track: Toora Loora Lo (hook's Harpsichord Song)


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