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Nanny Diaries


“Nanny Diaries” is about a young college graduate with big time expectations from herself and her closest family and friends. However, on the day of her interview, Annie Broddock played by Scarlet Johansson¬†comes to real terms with herself and decides she needs space from the big world out there. She needs a break from others’ big expectations. Her best friend, Lynette, played by Alicia Keys, is her moral support throughout the film because Annie knows¬†breaking this news to her mom will break her heart. The movie soon becomes about her life as a nanny after an incident at the park that triggers the emotional attachment to such a job. With some good attributes to the job, the job of a 24/7 nanny to Annie becomes a complication. However, many opportunities to understand and make a life for herself are hidden in this adventure, and that’s what the movie mostly is about to tell the viewers through Annie’s first person narration throughout the film.


About The Nanny Diaries Movie Theme Song

The theme song for “Nanny Dairies” is Vienen Bajando Las Llamitas (Traditional) from Everest Group Records.

Artist/Group: Tradition Courtesy Of Everest Group Records
Track: Vienen Bajando Las Llamitas


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