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“Mulan” is a 1998 movie following a courageous female protagonist who is motivated to join the Chinese army in order to save her elderly father from further war scars. The action-packed film is based on an old Chinese folktale that tells the steps Mulan will take to prevent her father from giving in to the army’s call for service as well as the physical endurance and strength training she will have to go through to not give away her disguise. On the other hand, her traditional ancestors having forseen this have are trying to strongly intercede in the plan via a dragon named Mushu. However, the plot will turn and the rest of the film will be an adventure till the end. The exciting tale of courage, excellence, and tact will delight fans over and over again.


About The Mulan Movie Theme Song

“Mulan’s” theme song is called Reflejo, original being the Spanish pop version. The music is composed by Matthew Wilder. Reflego is performed by Lucero.

Artist/Group: Lucero
Track: Reflejo


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