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Mr Blobby is a British character in fact, and he appeared and was created deliberately for Noel Edmonds’ Saturday night TV show Noel’s House Party. Mr Blobby is described as a pink blob covered in yellow spots with big googley eyes and a constant smile on his face. Mr Blobby was portrayed by Barry Killerby and was the invention and birth child of British comedy writer Charlie Adams. Although the critical reception wasn’t good for Mr Blobby he was incredibly popular and was only ever designed to be used in the Gotcha segments of Noel’s House Party where he would prank celebrities in the costume and eventually would reveal himself as Noel Edmonds and say Gotcha to the celebrity prank victim.


About The Mr Blobby Movie Theme Song

As Mr Blobby was originally from Noels House Party as just a prank character there was no theme song for Mr Blobby. But due to his popularity Mr Blobby had many spin off VHS’s called Mr Blobby and Blobbyvision and those where to have the much loved and annoying opening children TV show theme song. The track was simply entitled ‘Mr Blooby Intro’ and we can assume was performed by Mr Blobby himself. To listen to the theme song or see a clip from the show be sure to watch the below YouTube videos.

Artist/Group: Mr Blobby
Track: Mr Blobby Intro


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