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Mother’s Day


Starring the legendary Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Julia Roberts, the 2016 special holiday film, “Mother’s Day,” is a comedic and feel-good story about laughter and love. Directed by Pretty Woman and Valentine’s Day director Garry Marshall, the movie brings the viewers on a bumpy train ride that can be said is life. The three women must tackle large scale changes and negative societal reactions to their decisions that are inevitable in life even after already having gone through so much as a mothers, spouses, and partners. Sandy must deal with her children’s father’s new wife and step-mom while Gabi and Jesse is not able to receive the reality of the biggest choices of their lives, marriage and sexual orientation. Mother’s Day is also hitting hard on Miranda, dealing career decisions, and Kristen, dealing marriage decisions. Be prepared to watch this chic-flick comedy while the women along with Bradley try to figure out the new meaning of Mother’s Day.


About The Mother’s Day Movie Theme Song

“Mother’s Day” features the song TAPS (ANSWERED) written by Daniel Butterfield at #26 on the video we have for you.

Artist/Group: Taps
Track: Daniel Butterfield


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