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Money Monster


Starring the famed George Clooney and Julia Roberts and directed by Jodie Foster, “Money Monster” will be a real thrill ride for the actor’s and actresses’ fans. The film focuses on TV infotainment and Wall Street greed by depicting a dramatic story line with a stock mysteriously plummeting and its extreme impact on investors as well as a reverse reaction. Get ready as a terrorist hostage situation, led by Jack O’Connell who plays Kyle, will keep you on the edge of your seats until you can find out what happened to the stock. Fans can expect some suspenseful action packed fun journey with Gates and Fenn while they get to the heart of the problem through working together with the best skills they possess: Gates with his excellent speaking ability from being a renowned finance television show host and Fenn with her strong directing and instructional ability.


About The Money Monster Movie Theme Song

Devils and Dust by Bruce Springsteen is the theme song from “Money Monster.”

Artist/Group: Bruce Springsteen
Track: Devils And Dust


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