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Live Free or Die Hard


Live Free or Die Hard (released outside America as Die Hard 4.0) is the fourth entry in the Die Hard series and was released in 2007. John McClane has long since faded into obscurity after his bursts of fame from the earlier films, and is still estranged from his family. However, his quite life as a New York cop is shattered when the FBI Cyber-Division experiences a total computer shutdown, instigated by hackers. They respond by calling in every hacker who could have done this, with the assistance of local law enforcement. However, most of the hackers are killed in violent circumstances (typically explosions). McClane is sent to retrieve Matthew Farrel from New Jersey and bring him to the FBI in Washington. He prevents Farrel’s death and gets him out of New Jersey, killing several hostiles in the process.

Meanwhile, the terrorist’s boss, Thomas Gabriel, is advancing his plans. He beings a vast systematic attack on the national computer infrastructure, taking advantage of the 4th of July weekend to cause additional chaos. He crashes the stock market, seemingly an innocuous action at first but one that will have great consequences. With the FBI in full damage-control mode, McClane is told to take Farrel to Homeland Security, but before they arrive they aer attacked again. McClane defeats the enemies in suitably dramatic fashion before beginning a hunt for those responsible, with Farrel’s help.

It transpires that Gabriel is using this cyber-war as a means to expose the US’s vulnerability, and in the process is stealing billions of dollars electronically from the stock market. McClane manages to thwart elements of his plan, so Gabriel retaliates by abducting McClane’s daughter Lucy for use as leverage. A massive chase begins, involving a very large truck and a fighter jet, before Gabriel is finally brought down by McClane.

The film was a considerable success and revived the Die Hard franchise, with the fifth film being released in 2013. Die Hard 4.0 debuted at number 2 in the box office, earning 9.1 million dollars on it’s first day. It is the most financially successful of the Die HArd franchise, and has an average rating of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregate site.


About The Live Free or Die Hard Movie Theme Song

The Score for Live Free or Die Hard was written by Marco Beltrami and it was the first Die Hard not scored by Michael Kamen, as he had died in 2003. Elements and themes from Kamen’s earlier scores were used, along with a number of rock songs, most notably “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, which McClane and Farrel listen to while driving through Washington (despite Farrel’s objections). It also plays over the end credits, making it this films “theme” song. Presented here is the original CCR version for you to enjoy.

Artist/Group: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Track: Fortunate Son


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