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Leap Year


A romance comedy about leap year’s significance in the Irish traditions, the film, “Leap Year” will take viewers across seas into the very heart of Ireland’s serene landscapes as Anna, a career woman in a serious relationship, travels throughout the foreign country to find her way back to the city so she can make her well anticipated proposal. Anna’s hilarious determination to return to the U.S. by February 29 brings laughs all around as everyone can see the irony in the plot as she faces setback after setback. Finally, a keeper of an Irish Inn in the country area that she’s come across so far, gives in to assist her in her endeavor.┬áThe journey just gets more entertaining as the two-some get more tied up in their own disagreements and bickering than making milestones in time towards Dublin. Viewers will get hooked on to Anna’s tenacity to make it back.


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