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KFC – Colonel’s Bucket Theme Song

KFC – Colonel’s Bucket


A TV advert now that you can almost smell and taste with this KFC- Colonel’s Bucket advert. In this wonderful TV advert we see and experience a period swapping video for 40 seconds which demonstrates a generation of dads celebrating the brilliant taste of KFC with their secret recipe and how this fast food brings their families together for over 70 years. During the advert we see a young boy look out of his bedroom window to see his Dad arrive home with a colonel’s bucket from KFC and he races downstairs, this is where we see a transition in time periods and finally we see a big family all sit around their dining table to tuck in and enjoy the secret recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken.



About The KFC – Colonel’s Bucket Movie Theme Song

Throughout this KFC TV advert we have some very energetic, happy and upbeat music playing throughout the 40 second television advertisement. The reason for such a happy song playing in the background is because this advert is a celebration of the life and legacy of KFC which they have had for over 70 years. The song that plays throughout the advert is by a 1950’s band named ‘The Cadillacs’ and is called Speedo and is a performed in a Doo-wop form, which is a style of rhythm and blues.

Artist/Group: The Cadillacs
Track: Speedo


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