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Jurassic World


“Jurassic World” features Chris Pratt as the lead for the film. He plays Owen who is a routine caretaker of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic World Park, a newly opened dinosaur park for the public to observe all sorts of dinosaurs and their habitats as the old park called Jurassic Park didn’t successfully continue to exist. The movie is about a woman who sends her children to her career focused sister to take to Jurassic World with her on a daily basis for a short vacation, where she works on a high level position. As the park is newly opened for business and state of the art studies have been in the works on genetics, the film creates a sense of exciting and novel atmosphere that not just the public in the movie but also the viewers can be part of. Be prepared for lots of action packed scenes and an adventurous rides across the park as the children and the world come to terms with the consequences of the scientists’ genetic engineering.


About The Jurassic World Movie Theme Song

Composed by John Williams and Mick Giacchino, ┬áthe theme song to “The Jurassic World” is As The Jurassic World Turns.

Artist/Group: John Williams And Mick Giacchino
Track: As The Jurassic World Turns


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