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Johnny English


Johnny English is a 2003 British parody of the James Bond films, starring Rowan Atkinson (of Blackadder fame), Ben Miller and John Malkovich. English is a minor employee in the fictional intelligence service, M.I.7, responsible for providing mission documents (maps, access codes and so forth) for the actual agents, whom he has long dreamed of joining. Sadly, he is just isn’t that good at his job, and gets Agent One killed on a mission. At the funeral (which English has arranged security for) all the other agents are killed by a bomb in the coffin, leaving only English able to investigate a plot to steal the Crown Jewels.

English begins his investigation, arranging heavy security for the unveiling of the newly-refurbished Jewels at the Tower of London. Despite this, the Jewels are stolen by agents of Pascal Sauvage (masterfully played by John Malkovich) who believes that he should be the rightful King. He does have a legitimate claim to the throne, but he neds to remove the entire Royal Family first. Stealing the Crown Jewels is just stage one.

The next day, whilst investigating how the theives got in, English and his assistant Bough (Ben Miller) finds the tunnel they dug up under the Tower, leading to a nearby garage where the pair spot Sauvage’s agents loading the jewels into a hearse. Thanks to some incredible ineptitude on English’s part, they follow the wrong hearse and end up gatecrashing a private funeral, thinking it’s a cover. Later, they present their evidence to their boss, code-named Pegasus, who forbids them from continuing to investigate Sauvage. English of course ignores this, arranging for a night-time parachute jump onto Sauvages building. English, naturally, lands on the wrong tower, believing himself to be in Sauvage’s laboratory when he is, in fact, stalking his way through a hospital. Realizing his mistake, he heads over to the actual target building (after some impressive fast-talking to get out of the hospital), meets up with Bough and (accidentally) discovers Sauvage’s plan: it involves a fake Archbishop of Canterbury and making himself King.

The pair head downstairs to brief Pegasus, who is attended a reception Sauvage has thrown. Unfortunately, English accidentally injects himself with a muscle relaxant and hasn’t fully recovered. He makes a complete ass of himself at the reception and utterly fails to convince Pegasus of what they found. English is fired from active duty. Sauvage, meanwhile, realizes English has seen too much and goes to Plan B (TM), removing the fake Archbishop and his men storming into Sandringham and forcing the Queen to abdicate (by holding a Corgi at gunpoint no less). With Her Majesty gone (also having renounced the claim of her entire family), Sauvage is left as the official Heir to the Throne. he holds a big meeting of his fellow criminal villains in France to discuss his evil plan. English, with help from Lorna Campbell of Interpol, gain access to meeting and discover what the villain is up to: use the powers of the Crown to seize all the land in Great Britain and turn it into the world’s largest prison. The heroes are discovered and imprisoned; but not before swiping a DVD that (they think) contains Sauvage’s plan.

The pair are rescued by Bough and they race back to London in time to interrupt Sauvage’s coronation. English proves to be less than convincing, claiming that the Archbishop is fake and attempting to remove his mask (of course, it’s the real Archbishop, as English eventually realizes). As he is being dragged off, he tells Bough to play the DVD, enraging Sauvage. Sadly it turns out to be survelliance footage from English’s bathroom, showing him (embarassingly) singing along to Abba. Using this as a distraction, English gets away and swipes the crown, preventing Sauvage from becoming King. The story is resolved with the Queen back on the throne, granting English a Knighthood in gratitude. He sets off for the south fo France with Lorna for one final bit of incompetence.

The film gained mixed reviews (largely undeserved in our opinion), but it was a commercial success and remains both popular and amusing today.




About The Johnny English Movie Theme Song

The music for Johnny English was organised by Edward Shearmur and is impressive, with a strong pace and a gathering power towards the end of the film. However, the star of the soundtrack is probably the song played over the main credits (during which English gets hopelessly lost in MI7 headquarters, following the “look like you know where you’re going” principle), “A Man for All Seasons” written by Hans Zimmer and performed by Robbie Williams, which is what we have featured for you today.

Artist/Group: Robbie Williams
Track: A Man For All Seasons


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