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Hive Active Heating Theme Song

Hive Active Heating


This is the infamous Hive advert which has taken the British nation by storm as some people absolutely love it and think it’s really catchy and fun whilst others are of the opposite reaction and believe it’s awful, too catchy and one of the worst adverts they have ever seen.  Nevertheless this 40 second advert consists of several animated characters, to name a few we have a jogging tortoise, roller-skating elephant and an origami expert octopus. This advert is an advert done by British Gas and their message is basically saying that you can do whatever you want, and there is no need to worry because Hive is busy controlling your heating at home.


About The Hive Active Heating Movie Theme Song

As well as this being an incredibly infamous TV advert this advert also has a wonderfully catchy song behind it.  This song unfortunately has no title or no music video behind it as it was sung by the musician Colin Smith but was only ever made as the voice over musician for this Hive Active Heating advert by British Gas.

Artist/Group: Colin Smith

Hive Active Heating Movie Trailer

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