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Guardians of the Galaxy


Another action-packed film from the Marvel Comics Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy gives us a quintet of unlikeable heros. When space adventurer Peter Quill steals a mysterious orb from the evil Ronan, he finds himself the subject of a relentless hunt through the galaxy. He has no choice but to forge an uneasy truce with four dangerous misfits: the heavily-armed raccoon known as Rocket, a humanoid tree named Groot, the mysterious yet lethal Gamora and Drax the Destroyer, a being bent solely on revenge. But when Quill learns the true power of the Orb, he has no option but to rally the misfits for one final, nigh-hopeless stand: a battle upon which the future of the galaxy depends.


About The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Theme Song

Hooked on a Feelin’ is a pop song originally written in 1968 by Mark James and originally performed by B J Thomas. It was distinctive and, for the time, unusual, and initially reached #5 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was covered in 1971 by Jonathon King, who added his own twist to the song, specifically distinctive jungle chants. This version reached #23 in the UK Singles Chart in 1972.

However, the version we have here is the 1974 cover by Swedish group Blue Swede. This is probably the most well-known of the versions as it reached #1 in the United States. It was used int he soundtrack for Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and was featured in the Ally McBeal TV series and, most importantly for us, is used in some of the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Artist/Group: Blue Swede
Track: Hooked On A Feelin'


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