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Futurama is a spin off to The Simpsons if you were and is set in the year 3000 in a futuristic world where there are all kind of adventures and changes to modern day.  The premise of the show is that Phillip J Fry voiced by Billy West is out delivering pizza on New Year’s Eve 1999 and sits on a chair and just as people toast the New Year and millennia Fry falls backwards off his chair and into a cryogenic pod, thus freezing him until he reawakens in the year 3000.  Fry later meets a whole gang of people from Planet Express and is surrounded by his Nephew Professor Hubert J Farnsworth, Leela, Bender, Dr Zoidberg, Amy Wong and Hermes Conrad.


About The Futurama Movie Theme Song

As well as Futurama being a much loved series and running a total of 7 series and a great 140 episodes, Futurama also has one of the most notable animated TV theme songs about, all of the theme song is in instrumental format and is composed by Christopher Tyng and the TV theme song is simply entitled Theme from Futurama.  Although it is said that the creators had the inspiration from a 60’s piece of music by French composer Pierre Henry and that was entitled Psyche Rock.

Artist/Group: Christopher Tyng
Track: Futurama Theme


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