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Frasier is an American spin off series from the much loved and popular TV series that was called Cheers where Frasier is a frequent visitor to the pub called Cheers.  Nevertheless Frasier is a TV series of its own right about Frasier Crane played by Kelsey Grammer.  The series explains that Dr Frasier Crane a psychiatrist has had a marriage brake up and leaves his ex wife and old life in Boston, thus where it is carrying on from Cheers to move back to Washington in which he is obligated to take care of his Dad.  The series has spanned eleven seasons and revolves around Frasiers life, personal issues and of course love interests.


About The Frasier Movie Theme Song

As well as Frasier being a huge success and lasting through eleven seasons and proving to be a worthy spin off from Cheers it also has a well known and quite catchy TV theme song to accompany it.  The theme song for this is sung by Kelsey Grammer himself although we aren’t sure whether Kelsey Grammer sings it or whether it’s him playing Frasier Crane who sings it.  Nevertheless the title of the TV theme song is ‘Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs’ which you probably think is quiet bizarre, well don’t worry because we too at The Movie Theme Song think it’s bizarre as well.  So if you’ve never actually heard or listened to this TV theme song then give it a go, you’re in for a treat.

Artist/Group: Kelsey Grammer
Track: Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs


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