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Dulux – Cocktail Paint Mixing Theme Song

Dulux – Cocktail Paint Mixing


Here is Dulux latest advert and of course it features their wide variety of coloured paints. In this advert we see a very, dark, grey and dull beginning and we get told that there was once a time when colour was banned. Here we have quite the reserve affect as once there was actually a time where alcohol was banned. Next in this Dulux television advertisement we see a woman knock on a suspicious looking door, a man then slides a slit across and she is then allowed in. Once inside this building the advert converts into colour and we see people dancing and a band singing and of course the infamous Dulux Dog. The woman then makes her way over to the bar as a man asks to buy her a colour and says blue to go with her eyes. We now see the barman pour a tin full of blue Dulux paint and then shake it about like a cocktail mixer. We then get taken to the woman’s bathroom where she begins to paint her walls. A very different but affective television advertisement.


About The Dulux – Cocktail Paint Mixing Movie Theme Song

In this Dulux television advertisement we see that colour is banned, however is distributed in secret as a woman gets inside the mysterious building. Once inside we hear and see a band on stage who are signing a song and we hear the singer saying ‘Goodbye Mr Grey, you’ve coloured your last day’. This song is actually the backing music and this TV advert theme song. It is entitled ‘Brush Me Up’ and was composed and recorded especially for the advert by Andrew Kingslow and Sara Dowling. And we really do think that it being custom designed and made for the advert really does give it marketing power and authenticity.

Artist/Group: Andrew Kingslow & Sara Dowling
Track: Brush Me Up


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