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Drake & Josh is an American TV sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon and follows the lives of two teenage boys, Drake and Josh. These two boys couldn’t be further apart in their personality but when Drakes mother falls in love with Josh’s father the two opposites become step-brothers and end up sharing parents, a sister , a house and a bedroom together. Drake Parker is the most popular of the two and a aspiring musician which he is idolized for by his schoolmates and loved by all the girls. On the other hand we have Josh Nichols who has no luck with the girls and has the nerdy personality which isn’t helped by his also nerdy weatherman father. Throughout the series we see the development of Drake, as he become a more mature person and caring to his family and step-brother and Josh drastically losing weight and becoming a more confident person and having more luck with the girls.


About The Drake & Josh Movie Theme Song

Drake & Josh also has a very notable, catchy and sing-along type of TV opening theme song. The song is performed by Drake Bell, he of course is the actor behind Drake Peck. The song is entitled ‘Found a Way’ and is from Drake Bells debut album ‘Telegraph’. The album was released in September 2005 and was a huge success, and Drake Bell was praised for his darker tones and upbeat music.

Artist/Group: Drake Bell
Track: Found A Way


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