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Doctor Who is a giant of science fiction. First broadcast over 50 years ago in November 1963, it lasted twenty-six years until being cancelled in 1989. It was revived in 2005 and continues to this day, making it the single longest-running science fiction series, beating out Star Trek by w die margin (even if you include all five Star Trek series). It is a giant of British television and, given it’s very humble beginnings, an incredible success story. So much of the series has embedded itself into popular culture, but the most notable things are the TARDIS and the Doctor’s enemy, the Daleks. The TARDIS is a marvel, a simple-appearing police box that inside holds an endless series of rooms and chambers, and is capable of materializing and re-appearing anywhere in space and time.

The central character is the Doctor, a renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey. He has changed many times over the years. Whenever an incarnation was too old or was critically injured (meaning when the actor wanted to move on) the Time Lord would “regenerate” into a new body. This inspired idea allows the show to change actors, and even personalities, while still keeping the core of the character intact. It is this, along with the endless plot possibilities offered by the TARDIS, that has allowed the show to continue as long as it has.


About The Doctor Who Movie Theme Song

As is often the case with television from the 60’s, the music was a vital component of the show. Since special effects were expensive and unreliable, the music was used to set the scenes. Doctor Who used many innovative (and cheap) methods for producing it’s sound effects. For instance, the sound of the TARDIS leaving is an electronically distorted version of someone dragging a house key across the bass strings of a piano. The theme itself is a classic, the thudding rhythm of four beats (the heartbeat of a Time Lord) pulls you in, with the haunting melody focuses you on the Doctor and his companions. There can be no doubt that this is among the most recognized themes in existence.

Artist/Group: Bbc Radiophonic Workshop
Track: The Doctor Who Theme


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