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Die Hard is a famous 1988 American action film, directed by John McTiernan and starring Bruce WIllis. The film features John McClane, an off-duty New York City police office who has been invited to a Christmas party in Los Angeles at his wife’s offices in a new skyscraper. Johnis attempting to reconcile things with his wife, Holly, who took the job in LA against his wishes. Things are going reasonably until the party is rudely interrupted by a bunch of apparent terrorists, led by one Hans Gruber, played with suitable menace by Alan Rickman. At first it seems like a typical hostage situation, but the criminal’s real plan is to break into the company’s vault and steal six hundred million dollar’s worth of government bonds. McClane is lucky enough to escape the initial situation and goes on a rampage through the office building, desperately trying to alert the LAPD and rescue the hostages and his wife.

The film launched Willis’ action career and so far has spawned four sequels and en entire sub-genre of action film the “Die Hard on/in an X” film, where one out-of-place person is left to stop a terrorist/hostage situation. This is clearly seen in such films as Air Force One, Under Siege, The Rock and Olympus Has Fallen. The film also began Alan Rickman’s run of playing the bad guy, including films like Robin Hood and Harry Potter.


About The Die Hard Movie Theme Song

The Music of Die Hard comes from sources that are totally at odds with the film itself. For instance, as the film is set at Christmas, “Winter Wonderland” and sleigh bells are often heard, and the closing credits are accompanied by “Let it snow.” The music hardly fitting and yet it works so well, giving the film and amusing, upbeat feeling at times when it should feel dark. This is undoubtedly a good thing however as it makes the film surprisingly fun (indeed, Die Hard has been rated as “The Best Christmas Film” on several occasions).

However, the musical star of the film is the theme used for Hans Gruber and the other terrorists, an adaptation of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” from his 9th Symphony. The familiar, Christmas-y feelings evoked by this tune are wonderfully defied by the sinister yet charming Gruber and remains a memorable part of the film.

Artist/Group: Beethoven
Track: Ode To Joy


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