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Crimson Tide is a 1995 submarine thriller directed by Tony Scott and starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. During a period of civil war in Russia, ultranationalist forces seize the area around Vladivostok, including a naval base and a nuclear missile complex, from which they threaten to launch ICBM’s at America if attacked. Deterring them are the men of the USS Alabama, an American ballistic missile submarine on patrol in the northern pacific. The boat’s captain, Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman), is an old-school sailor, one of the few commanders who has combat experience. His new XO, Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington) is a complete contrast; being highly educated but with no experience of warfare.

Tensions between the two increase during their patrol, with Ramsey driving the crew hard, telling them that war is imminent. The sub receives a message saying that the Russian missiles are being fueled in preparation for launch, and that they are ordered to fire ten of their own missiles to destroy the launch complex. Whilst the boat readies it’s missiles, a Russian submarine attacks, disabling the Alabama’s radios whilst a second message about the launch is being received. Hunter believes it’s an order telling them not to launch, whilst Ramsey believes it is meaningless since it is not authenticated. A dangerous stand-off ensues between the two, with mutinies and counter-mutinies over the course of an hour turning the situation into chaos.

The film was a commercial success, largely due to the acting talents of the two leads being pitted against one another. The film was originally going to be made with assistance from the US Navy, but they objected to the idea of a mutiny aboard an American vessel, so the film crew approached the French Navy instead, who were happy to help. Film of the submarine on the surface was filmed from a boat and a helicopter outside Pearl Harbour without the Navy’s permission (after careful checking of the law to establish it was indeed legal to do so).


About The Crimson Tide Movie Theme Song

The music for the film was scored by Hans Zimmer. As with many of Zimmer’s works, the main theme is a stirring, rhythmic march, rising to a crescendo before segueing into another piece, finally returning to the main theme. The theme has a fast pace, intended to reflect the chaotic situation aboard the Alabama, which succeeds admirably. Included within the theme is the popular American naval hymn, “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” which from the middle to late part of the theme. It’s simple vocals serve as a beautiful counterpoint to the frantic action of the main theme, and is particularly poignant when it is played during the scene where Alabama is sinking towards crush depth, and the helpless crew have to sit and wait in the dark for the end to come.

Artist/Group: Hanz Zimer
Track: Crimson Tide/eternal Father, Strong To Save


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