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“Colonia” is a movie starring Emma Watson about suspense and crime. Lena and Daniel are a young couple who become entangled in Chile’s military coup (1973). Abducted by secret police of Pinochet, Daniel and Lena have been separated, and Lena finds courage to fight against the twisted organization pretending to be a charity as they have Daniel. Fans can follow her story enthusiastically because it is a story of bravery against an ex-Nazi run mission that she will compete with. They can also expect her to join the cult to help Daniel escape, but if they she can do that, then the movie should be tell-tale sign for a must watch action packed picture.


About The Colonia Movie Theme Song

“Colonia’s” theme song is Samba Pa Ti by Santana (Music by Carlos Santana).

Artist/Group: Performed By 'santana'
Track: Samba Pa Ti


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