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Cheers is a long running TV series which all transpires around a pub in Boston, Massachusetts named Cheers and its main character Sam Malone who is portrayed by Ted Danson and plays the owner and bartender of this infamous Cheers bar.  Throughout the entire first season out of the 11 that it ran for nearly all of the scenes took place in the front room of the bar and only in the second season did they do any scenes elsewhere, the first new location was Diane’s apartment.


About The Cheers Movie Theme Song

As well as being a much watched and much loved TV series Cheers also has a very well known and infamous TV theme song that goes along with it.  The theme song that goes along with this TV show is entitled ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’ and is both written and performed by Gary Portnoy  who’s genres include pop and country music and is both a musician, songwriter and violinist.  This theme song is so well known that I suspect where you’re reading this you will be signing the song at the same time in your head.

Artist/Group: Gary Portnoy
Track: Where Everybody Knows Your Name


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