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Charmed is a TV supernatural, magic, action, comedy drama about these three sister who have supernatural powers or as they call it in the TV series, the Chamred ones.  They seem to live normal and innocent lives but they must protect the outdoor and real world from those beyond such as demons and warlocks.  The main characters include Prue, Piper, Pheobe and then later throughout the series the fourth sister being Paige.  This entire series revolves around good VS evil and their personal lives and battles also.


About The Charmed Movie Theme Song

Charmed also has an incredible opening TV theme song which is entitled How Soon is Now and this great song is written and performed by The Smiths.  This TV theme song is one of the most notable ones in a long time because of the mass following Charmed has.  We believe that most of the Charmed fans could and still could sing the entire lyrics, starting with I am the son and the heir.

Artist/Group: The Smiths
Track: How Soon Is Now


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