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Chariots of Fire


Chariots of Fire is a 1981 British historical drama about two athletes on the 1924 British Olympic Team. Eric Liddell is a devout Scotsman who runs for the glory of God, whilst his compatriot Harold Abrahams is an English Jew who competes as a way to overcome anti-Semitic prejudices. The film is considered a giant of British cinema and is world-renowned, being nominated for seven Oscars and winning four (including Best Score).

The film shows us the two students initially at the University of Cambridge, where Abrahams proves himself a capable runner, but is beaten by Liddell in their first race. Abrahamas takes it badly, but is taken on by professional coach Sam Mussabini. This is strongly opposed by university staff, using excuses about it being “ungentlemanly” as a way to hide their anti-Semitism. Abrahams continues to improve himself despite their objections. After years of training, both Liddell and Abrahams are accepted as part of the 1924 Olympic team. However, Liddell learns that his 100 meter sprint heat will be on a Sunday and he refuses to participate based on religious convictions, making headlines around the world. He trades places with another runner for a place in the 400 meter finals, which¬† he wins to the disbelief of the American team. Abrahams meanwhile was badly beaten in the 200 meter race and his only hope is the 100 meter sprint, which he wins despite the odds.

The film went to to near-universal acclaim and has become a giant of British cinema.


About The Chariots of Fire Movie Theme Song

THe theme to Chariots of Fire was ad odds with it’s setting: despite being a period piece in the 1920’s the soundtrack used a modern electronic theme composed by the legendary Greek electronic musician Vangelis. The tune is simple and yet stunningly effective, with the electronic sounds of the instruments used being a wonderful counterpart to the period setting. The entire soundtrack is notable as it was written and performed entirely by Vangelis. The score won the Oscar for Best Original Score and launched Vangelis’ film career, and although it is his most successful film score, he does not consider it his best. The music was used extensively during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and has become synonymous with sporting events.

Artist/Group: Vangelis
Track: Cahriots Of Fire/titles


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