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In 2003 the Battlestar Galactica miniseries jumped onto our TV’s. Big, bold and downright awesome, the miniseries tells the tale of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, long-lost brothers of Man. Decades earlier, they fought a long and brutal war against the Cylons, intelligent machines built by the Colonies to make life easier. Eventually the war ended with an Armistice and the Cylons left, not to be seen again for forty years. Now, they have returned in a new form; they look human now.

The miniseries follows the eponymous BAttlestar Galactica, one of the original Battlestars built at the start of the Cylon War. Now, after fifty years of service, Galactica (and her commander, William Adama) are being retired and put out to pasture. But today is the day the Cylons return, and only Galactica is able to resist their computer hacking that shuts down the entire Fleet. With few pilots, no ammunition and an old and broken ship, the Galactica and her crew must persevere to save what is left of humanity and lead them to a new home amongst the stars, a distant planet settled by the Thirteenth Tribe long ago. That planet’s name? Earth.


About The Battlestar Galactica Movie Theme Song

The music from Battlestar Galactica was one of the show’s strongest features, being bold, distinctive and highly memorable. From the miniseries alone, after hte destruction of the Armistice Station, we hear only a rhythm of drums as we fly past a moon and close in on the Galactica herself. As an establishing theme it is telling, for the pounding rhythm is that of war drums, calling the old ship to arms.

Later series would retain the stunning music, from the hectic main titles to the hauntingly beautiful version of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower,” a song with far more meaning for the characters than we initially suspect. Most impressively however is that the soundtracks stand up as excellent music in their own right, a true sign of success.

Artist/Group: Richard Gibbs
Track: Battlestar Galactica Main Title


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