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Battlestar Galactica (1978) Theme Song

Battlestar Galactica (1978)


We’ve already done the 2003 reboot of BSG, but we felt it was only right to include the original series as well (since it’s theme is just so awesome). This classic series is renowned for being, well, cheesy science fiction at it’s best. It’s characters are larger than life, the seriousness of the situation is frequently forgotten and the alien menace hunting them is downright comical at times. Despite this, the series remains fondly remembered by millions, and the validity of the idea was proved with the massively successful re-make of the early 21st century.

Far across the galaxies, the Twelve Colonies of Man have been fighting a vicious war against the Cylons (robotic machines that long ago overthrew their creators) for almost a thousand years. Countless worlds have been destroyed and billions slain over the centuries. However, finally, there will be peace, thanks to the efforts of Count Baltar, a member of the Council of the Twelve who was chosen to negotiate with the Cylons. The last of the Colonial Fleet escorts the President and the Council to the peace conference. But it is a trap, something that Commander Adama (a member of the Council, and commander of the Battlestar Galactica) has long suspected. He is the only one to have his ship ready, and when word comes in from a fighter patrol of a massive force of Cylon fighters waiting to ambush the Fleet, he has his own fighters ready to launch. The ambush is swift and brutal. Whilst Galactica launches her fighters in time, none of the other Battlestars manage it. The Cylons focus their attack on the Presidents ship, the Atlantia. The proud Battlestar is overwhelmed, despite the best efforts of her crew: she explodes in a violent conflagration. Adama realizes that this slaughter is merely a distraction, the main Cylon fleet is preparing to attack the Twelve Colonies.

Galactica races back home, only to arrive in time to witness the apocalypse. The cities are burning, the planets being bombed to rubble. Adam orders every civilian to take flight in every available starship and meet up with Galactica, the sole surviving Battlestar, to escape the Twelve Colonies and find a new home.

The results are grim. Only 220 civilian ships escape, with perhaps a quarter of a million people aboard. Out of tens of billions, they are the few survivors. Adam explains to the Fleet that there is still hope, that long ago the Thirteenth Tribe left the others and traveled far across the galaxy, eventualyl setlling on a bright and shining world….called Earth.


About The Battlestar Galactica (1978) Movie Theme Song

THe music for Battlestar Galactica was mostly composed by Stu Philips, and it is his “main Theme” that we have featured for you today. This bold piece is quite clearly inspired by the Star Wars theme that was released only a year earlier. Despite this, it remains a distinct and impressive piece, a stirring anthem that plays over both the opening creidts and at suitably important moments during both the pilot and the series as a whole: fromt he Vipers launching from Carrillon to save the Galactica, to the once-lost Battlestar Pegasus returning to ambush the Cylons, the theme plays a pivotal role in the series. It was significant enough that it made the transition tot he re-made series, where it was dubbed “The Colonial Anthem.”

Artist/Group: Stu Philips And Glen Larson
Track: Battlestar Galactica Theme


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