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American Dad!  Is the sister programme to Family Guy therefore meaning it is rather similar in style and substance but in a lot of way it is completely different.  The creators of American Dad! Include Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman and Seth MacFarlane who is the creator of Family Guy.  Nevertheless American Dad! Unlike Family Guy has more subtle jokes and revolves around the Smith Family and their friends.  The Smith family consist of Stan and Francine and their children Hayley and Steve.  The Smiths are also housing two other members, the one being a man trapped in a goldfish body Klaus and the other an escaped Alien Roger.


About The American Dad! Movie Theme Song

As well as being a highly decorated show American Dad! Also has a very catchy theme song and every fan of American Dad! Could probably sing every lyric is the song.  The theme song is called ‘Good Morning USA’ and is sung by Stan Smith who is voiced by Seth Macfarlane and the ending to the theme song is sung by an off screen choir.  The opening theme song revolves around Stan jumping out of bed and getting ready for his day as he drives off to work at the CIA.

Artist/Group: Stan Smith / Seth Macfarlane
Track: Good Morning Usa


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