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500 Days of Summer


500 Days of Summer is an American romantic comedy that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, who you may remember from New Girl. The premise of this movie is that Levitt plays Tom Hansen and falls in love with Deschanel who plays Summer Finn, and the movie highlights and shows their dating but all in all it is a failed loved interest for Tom. They of course, from the clue in the title dated for 500 days and in the closing scenes of the film Tom meets another woman who we can assume he falls for, and after asking her out for coffee he asks her name, only for her to reply with Autumn.


About The 500 Days of Summer Movie Theme Song

As well asĀ 500 Days of Summer being a huge comedy success for both Levitt and Deschanel they movie also included some musical elements, and the movie even has its own soundtrack CD. However the main movie theme song if you were is a song that happens just after Tom spends his first night with summer. The track in question is the very notable and recognizable song by ‘Hall & Oates’ and is entitled ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’. To see the trailer for the movie and to listen to the song, check out the below YouTube videos.

Artist/Group: Hall & Oates
Track: You Make My Dreams Come True


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