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400 Days Theme Song

400 Days


What would you do if sent to space for an experiment? The questions what, where, when, and why are all the most important ones that pop up. The film, “400 Days,” depicts a psychological sci-fi thrilling and suspenseful adventure that the potential astronauts must partake to test the effects related from space travel on the human brain. Hence the name of the movie, the crew is supposed to be departed from the planet Earth for 400 days to understand that impact through a simulation. However, the suspense builds as the plot complicates when the simulation stops working as planned. Leaving the simulation now, all of a sudden, Theo, Dvorak, Emily and the team find themselves  perplexed as to the difference in reality and virtual reality. Fans will have to await the final result of the mission as the mystery film’s exciting plot unfolds with surprising leaving of the simulation and thrilling consequences that follow.



About The 400 Days Movie Theme Song

Wojciech Golczewski and Sean McMahon are both credited for composing the music behind “400 Days.” The first title on the soundtrack list is called 400 Days.

Artist/Group: Wojciech Golczewski And Sean Mcmahon
Track: 400 Days


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