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South Park is a famous, or infamous, American cartoon following the adventures of Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflofski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick, four young boys in the small Colorado mountain town of South Park. It is far from an ordinary town though; the vast majority of the adults are very, very stupid at times and all manner of craziness seems to pop up. From alien invasions to psychic death battles to Cthulhu rising up from the sunken city of R’Lyeh to conquer the world, anything and everything will happen in this town.

The show is famous for the incredible crudeness of both the language and animation (although the latter has improved considerably over the years). The boys (and anyone else) will swear viciously and frequently, especially Cartman, the psychotic fat kid with a hatred for Jews in general and Kyle in particular. Kenny is also famous for dying and returning on a regular basis: up until the end of season five, he would die in almost every episode, accompanied by STan and Kyle shouting “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” “You bastards!” Despite his frequently messy and embarrassing deaths, Kenny would always appear again in the next episode as if nothing had happened.



About The South Park Movie Theme Song

The South Park theme is a distinctive and memorable one. The opening (usually) shows the boys riding the school bus, whilst they, and some hillbilly, sing about how great South Park is, with such riveting features as “ample parking day or night!” In the background are the many, many characters and events of the series. There have been variations: for instance during the “Game of Thrones” trilogy in season 17 the GoT theme was used rather than the usual one, lending South Park’s streets an air of mystery and fantasy (that is, until the next episode, where a choral version of the GoT theme is played, where every word is “wiener”).

Artist/Group: Primus
Track: South Park Intro Theme


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