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Saving Private Ryan is a 1998 American action film set during the 1944 Invasion of Normandy in World War Two. After the bloody chaos of the landings on Omaha beach (the worst of the five landing beaches) US Army Rangers Captain John Miller (played by Tom Hanks) is assigned to find a paratrooper lost behind enemy lines. The mission is of special significance since the paratrooper is the last survivor of four brothers; the other three having been killed within days of each other and the War Department wants to provide some small comfort to their mother by bringing home the last of her sons.

The squad advances deeper into France, eventually meeting up with Private Ryan at a vital bridge, but not before two men are killed by enemy fire. Ryan refuses to leave, since the bridge is a vital position that needs to be held. Miller and his squad join Ryan, but most of them are killed in the ensuing firefight and Miller is fatally wounded. He tells Ryan to earn this sacrifice.

Written by Robert Rodat and directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan was a critical and box office success, praised for the quality of it’s acting, the incredible depiction of the Omaha landings (a sequence which cost twelve million dollars and used 1500 extras, including about 30 genuine amputees to play injured soldiers) and the historical realism and style of the film, which is very similar to genuine WW2 newsreel footage than a modern cinema piece.


About The Saving Private Ryan Movie Theme Song

THe music from Saving Private Ryan was, like so many great films of the late 20th century, composed by John Williams (who was once voted “Composer of the Century,” it’s not hard to see why). The main piece is the “Hymn to the Fallen,” a slow, haunting melody that builds a proud crescendo. It is strongly reminiscent of Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man,” which Williams has cited as an inspiration for the piece.

Artist/Group: John Williams
Track: Hymn To The Fallen


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