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Patriot Games is a 1992 sequel to The Hunt for Red October (although the book it is based on is a prequel). Jack Ryan (this time played by Harrison Ford), whilst visiting London to give a lecture on naval history, witnesses an attack on members of the Royal Family (Lord Holmes, Secretary of STate for Ireland and his family) and intervenes, fatally shooting one of the terrorists and helping apprehend another, despite being injured himself. During the trial of the captured terrorist, Irishman Sean Miller (Sean Bean), Ryan is awarded an honorary Knighthood and Miller swears revenge in open court, since the man Ryan killed was Sean’s younger brother.

After being sentenced to life, Miller is freed by his comrades while being transported to prison. They flee to North Africa, where they intend to train with other terrorist groups to become proper soldiers. Miller, however, is driven solely by a desire for vengeance and convinces the others to let him try to kill Ryan and his family, who by now have returned to Maryland. Ryan manages to escape his attacker, who is killed by Us Mrine guards at the Naval Academy. He tries to warn his wife, but it is already too late: they have been attacked and their car has crashed, leaving both of them seriously injured. As a result, Jack returns to the CIA to help find Miller.

His intelligence efforts prove fruitful, he identifies the camp where the Irish terrorists were training, but by the time the SAS attack the camp they had already left. Ryan holds a Thanksgiving dinner, simultaneously welcoming his daughter Sally home from hospital and hosting the Royals who he saved in London. The terrorists attack, but with the help of Lord Holmse and his friend Robby Jackson, Ryan is able to evacuate everyone from his home and defeat th terrorists, eventually killing Miller (yes, Sean Bean dies, big surprise).

The film was a commercial and critical success, although it created considerable controversy over Tom Clancy distancing himself from the project as the film was becoming increasingly different from his book. Despite this, it remains a solid and absorbing film.


About The Patriot Games Movie Theme Song

The score for Patrio Games was composed by James Horner (who had done Star Trek II, one of our previously featured films, along with a plethora of other films) and features a great number of Celtic influences and pieces to tie the score in with the film’s plot. The music, especially the choral Celtic-inspired scenes are beautiful yet sad and moving, especially when used to overlay the violent deaths at an Irish farmhouse and the attacks on Ryan’s family. The score was released in 2013 and was a commercial success.

Artist/Group: James Horner
Track: Main Titles


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