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I’m in the Band


I’m in the Band is an American teen sitcom that aired on Disney XD and was created by Michael B. Kaplan and Ron Rappaport. The premise of the Disney XD show is that Tripp Campbell played by Logan Miller is a 15 year old kid who lives in LA who dreams of becoming a member of the band Iron Weasel and manages to win a call in radio show and has dinner with them. At first Derek Jupiter, Burger Pitt and Ash Tyler the members of the band don’t want Tripp in the band as they fear a kid in the band will ruin their reputation. Eventually however Tripp lands the lead guitarist role and we the audience then get to follow this crazy misadventures of Iron Weasel.


About The I’m in the Band Movie Theme Song

With I’m in the Band being a Disney show and a show all about rock music and band it only comes natural to expect some great music throughout the course of the show. And as with all things Disney it delivers on that promise and has a easy recognizable and catchy opening title sequence TV theme song. The theme song is entitled ‘Weasel Rock You’ and is performed by Chuck Duran. To check out this great theme song and a trailer for the show itself be sure to watch the below YouTube videos.

Artist/Group: Chuck Duran
Track: Weasel Rock You


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