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Blue Peter


Blue Peter is a British Children’s TV show and is the longest running in the history of the world. This children’s TV show was created by John Hunter Blair and Blue Peter actually first broadcast in 1958, and the concept has always stayed the same although with the advancements of viewer interaction, social media and general technology the Blue Peter of today is far different from when it started. The overall premise of Blue Peter is that it is an up to date children’s news show and has many celebrity guests but also has simple arts and craft segment as well as the infamous Blue Peter badge going Blue to Gold but now with other named badges for such things as sport relief, and other charities.


About The Blue Peter Movie Theme Song

From the very beginning right through to present day Blue Peter has kept the same signature tune and motif or TV theme song to put it in other words. It has also always been played with a Hornpipe and a variation of the American drinking song ‘Barnacle Bill’. The composer however for the Blue Peter version of this song is Ashowrth Hope was a brilliant composer.

Artist/Group: Ashworth Hope
Track: Barnacle Bill


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