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13 Going on 30 Theme Song

13 Going on 30


All romance comedy fans who are also into the fantasy genres can get excited as Jenn Rink is about to go an adventure of a lifetime. Played by Jennifer Garner, the newly turned teenager at 13 at her party wants to disappear as she feels completely humiliated at her birthday party in front of her friends. There somewhere, something causes her wish to come true, but she soon realizes after some funny scenes viewers will never forget that she has literally disappeared into another reality: 30 years from now! The film depicts a prime-aged Jenna who is successful in almost every aspect: body wise, finance wise, social wise, and relationship wise.  Soon though after some perspective into her new life, she realizes all she wants and needs is Matty, her best friend from childhood to find comfort and bring her cherished family and friend  memories back. However, again, the reality hit Jenna again as Matt and her relationship is not the same and nor is his relationship status soothing to her.



About The 13 Going on 30 Movie Theme Song

“13 Going on 30” film features Billy Joel’s soundtrack called Vienna.

Artist/Group: Billy Joel
Track: Vienna


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